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The Lost Soldier Project

Imagine setting up another project, and had they not gotten greedy, they could have built their own private companies using what they learned setting up that project! That's why The Lost Soldier Project, has to be fully open about where the funds go, how they are used, and what the eventual salary is for every position that uses that donated money, we have to be able to show our donor’s that kind of clarity. We owe that to them, and that will remain our Mission Statement.  


What We Do

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We inform, we advocate, and we tell you what has worked for us! Right now we can't legally represent you, but we can let you know whats worked for us!
We are doing what we can to help build a database of other NFP Military centric groups that go out and find ways to help veterans. Our specific goal is to advocate for Veteran's who need Behavioral Health.
We will do everything that we can to link you up with the help you need. Even if its just sitting on the line waiting with you to get ahold of someone on the crisis line. 
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Behavioral Health

Putting you in touch with the people that may have helped us or others who may have been useful for other Veterans.
Groups that have specifically helped, volunteered to help, or are out there willing to help.
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Our Veterans

Not only are we Veteran operated but our veterans have a lot of real world experience. Check them out!
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To advocate for veterans to get help, not all can rely on the VA, and in knowing that the current medical premiums and availability to treatment leave much to be desired.


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